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Born and raised in Missouri.

Ventured down south to Texas for college and eventually made her way back north to Iowa to farm and grow vegetables for all of you.

Favorite veggies are potatoes, tomatoes, okra, cabbage and hot peppers. She loves cooking with herbs and favs are cilantro, basil and thyme.

Canning and preserving farm fresh food is a passion of hers and she has a HUGE canning closet at her house. Also, don’t even get her started on her antique cookbook and mason jar collection!

“There is nothing better than being out in the field, closing your eyes and looking up to the sun to feel the warmth on your face”,



Grew up in the great state of Oklahoma spending holidays and summertime on the family farm in “Looperville”.

She’s been everywhere man, she’s been everywhere! Schooling and jobs have taken her to Missouri, Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Texas. Of the 50 states she’s only missing three. She is happy to have landed back in Iowa and to be amongst good midwestern folk.

Favorite veggies are onions, tomatoes, snap peas, carrots, hot peppers and okra. She is like a kid in a candy store when out in the watermelon patch!

“Farming has allowed me to stop and appreciate all the amazing little things in life".

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Want to come out for a day on the farm? Need to breath in some fresh air and feel the sun on your face? Want to learn more about where your food comes from?

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