Spring Share & Local Food Card Member Information


*Deliveries Begin MAY 8th & 9th* 

That’s right - the wait is almost over.  It has been an interesting, cold and well short spring so far.  We’ve only been able to plant crops in the ground just in this last week so things are going to be a bit later, but HEY THEY ARE IN THE SOIL!  In one week 250# of seed potatoes, approximately 12,000 onions were planted.  Transplants like broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards, chinese cabbage, broccoli raab, kohlrabi, dill, fennel and cauliflower were gently placed in their happy homes for the growing season.  And if that weren’t enough we also direct seeded carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, a second round of sugar snap peas and spinach.  Woo - what a wonderful week it has been.  It honestly feels good to be this tired :) because we know delicious food will be coming for you, our members, soon.  Most of the produce you will be receiving, especially the first two weeks, will be coming from the hightunnel we have to start the season early.  These items were started around March were protected by the structure as well as extra coverage by row cover fabric and even on the very unexpected extremely cold days and evenings propane heaters were even used to “get them through”.  They have thrived and now we are just waiting for them to grow a bit bigger to deliver to you.  With that - we will begin the Spring Share deliveries and have items at the market table locations for Local Food Card members beginning the second week in May, May 8th and 9th.  We are excited to get this season started and we hope you are as well.  Please read the information below and let me know if you any questions or comments.  I can’t wait to see all of our returning members and get to know all of you new members.  See you soon!


The Spring Shares will mainly contain seasonal spring greens and possibly some other goodies along the way if available.  There will be approximately 5-6 items each week for you to enjoy.  We will also have recipes for some items appearing in your shares. If you are sharing with another member please remember that you will need to divide the items yourself.  


You will arrive at your pickup location with bags in tow.  Did you read that? - bags in tow :)  We work hard on using only bags necessary to package and keep your vegetables fresh! We will not have extras so please help us in our sustainable efforts and bring along your own container.  When you arrive you will come meet us and chat away if you want or grab and go if you are in a hurry…we understand!  We will have a box with your share prepacked.  If you have an egg share those will be ready for you as well.  You will unload the items and leave the box with us so we can take it back and refil it for the following week with more delicious fresh food for you and your family.  Farmers Market location members we will be in space #95 this year. If you are not going directly home after picking up your share we recommend bringing a cooler as greens need to stay cool for the best possible freshness and taste.  If you have questions regarding any item in the share please let us know.  We truly enjoy sharing information. 


You will receive a reminder email each week before your pickup day.  This email will have items that will be in your share (please understand that things may change due to harvest numbers or weather etc).  For Local Food Card members please remember that you will have access to available items on the market table each week.  Sometimes these will be the same as those listed in the share list and sometimes they will be different.  The emails will also include recipes and storage details for select products.  If you have recipes you love please pass send them our way and we will distribute when possible.  Remember - we are all a community!


If we have extra - WE WANT YOU TO ENJOY IT.  Please let us know if you would like more quantities of specific items.  We will check to see if we have extras and let you know the price.  If you order additional items please bring cash with you to the pickup location and we will have your produce for you!  For those shareholders that pickup at the Farmers Market you can also shop the market table at any time for the additional goodies you might need.    


We understand that life gets busy.  If you are unavailable to pickup your share please let us know by sending an email.  You can decide to send someone to pick the share up for you.  If you can not find anyone to pickup the share we will gladly donate your share to one of many local food pantries in our area.  

Just a reminder of the Spring Share pickup locations and times. 


Bountiful Harvest Farm 

4045 245th Street

Solon, IA




Iowa City Farmers Market

Chauncey Ramp

400 Washington Ave

Iowa City, IA



If you have any questions please let me know.  SEE YOU May 8th or May 9th!




Member Testimony #2 - Connected

I am a member of a Bountiful Harvest Farm because I feel being a shareholder of a local farm it is one of the most radical things we can do today. It is radical to make a commitment the more sustainable farming practices that help ensure there will be a bright future for our grandchildren: clean air, drinkable water, and fertile soils. It is radical to help make small-scale, organic agriculture more viable on our beautiful Iowa landscape at a time when cheap food at the cost of our own health and the health of our land is the norm. 

Though being a shareholder has big upfront costs, the value far outweighs the simple dollar cost of the food items. Being part of community-supported agriculture has huge payoffs in terms of health benefits, the unparalleled quality of the product, the joy of being connected to growers and of helping me to live by my stated values. 

What sets Bountiful Harvest Farm apart from other options is that it partners with other local farms to provide a greater variety of products including fruit like apples, cherries, and blueberries, and offers add-on options for eggs and dairy. I love that for those who are interested, there are opportunities to visit and volunteer at the farm, making me feel more connected to the beautiful land that my veggies come from. 

Have I mentioned I love my growers? Angie, who manages the farm, always has a big smile for you no matter how fierce the day's hot sun or cold winds have been. If she isn't playfully heckling you for your personal shortcomings, she's encouraging you to take another armload of bulk kale. 😂😂😂

Clarity and Lauren - Bountiful Harvest Farm Members

Clarity and Lauren - Bountiful Harvest Farm Members


We are happy to announce that we have a home for our North Liberty pickup location.  A big THANK YOU to the North Liberty Community Pantry for allowing us to use a spot in their parking lot!  This will be a WIN-WIN situation for us as a farm and the community we serve.  Not only will it give us a great location in between I-380 and Hwy 965 for our members to pickup their shares, but it will also allow us to be more efficient in our deliveries of donated items to the NLCP.  The address is 89 N Jones Blvd, North Liberty, IA 52317 and we will be there on Tuesday evenings from 4:30-5:15pm.  Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Member Testimony #1 - Smiles

Julie Pulkrabek, a Local Food Card Member since 2016, let us know why she enjoys being a member of Bountiful Harvest Farm.

Thanks Julie!

Member Testimony #1.jpg


Take a moment to visit our Facebook page and watch the amazing things that happened all within one growing season here at Bountiful Harvest Farm.  GO TO VIDEO


National CSA Day

Today is a big day for Community Supported Agriculture farms across the nation.  Help us celebrate by sharing this information to your social media pages.  The more people who know, the stronger our Bountiful Harvest Community will be!  As a THANK YOU to our members we have some special news.  All members who sign up by February 24th will be entered into a drawing to win $25 in "Bountiful Bucks".  These can be used throughout the season for additional produce grown by us - YOUR FARMERS!  Get those registrations in today and support the community by spreading the word. www.bounntifulharvestcsa.com #CSAday #wegrowforyou #bountifulharvest #localfoods #community

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